Friday, February 27, 2009

Just a simple thought...

Hello there! I just thought of something else, and I think it will be nice for me if I can share it with you...

As far as I’m concerned, I know many of you think that what I write in here seems doesn’t talks about me, but rather, about other people.
Well, you’re definitely wrong!
Maybe some of my posts are not that totally about me. I know. But let me remind you, of course I won’t just write anything here that doesn’t concern me. I won’t waste my time writing and writing these things if really, I don’t care about them at all.
So, I just wanna tell you guys, everything you can read from here are of my favorites and are very important to me. And I’m happy of what I’m doing, okay?

If for some reason, you can’t understand what I mean, then don’t. I’m not forcing you to do so. All I really just wanna say to you is that, if you wanna read, just read. If not, then don’t. That simple! And if you chose to go on, I’m telling you, there’s more coming posts of this kind. You know, about my favorites.

And by the way, in here, I already told you that it’s all about my favorites, right?
Well, in my friendster blogs, I’m planning to post there the ones that are really about me, my friends, and my family as well. So, if that’s what you prefer more, please just have a visit in there. Here’s the link:

Now, going back to my blog in here…
If I make up my mind, I would also post my friendster blogs in here, or I should just simply create another blog for them.
Please just do leave some comments if you have time.
And also, if you wanna follow this blog, as well as my other blogs, just click the one in the left part of this page. You’ll find it there.
Please…please…do follow…
‘Cause I don’t have any followers yet.
(Can you be the first one? Hehe..)


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