Monday, March 23, 2009

Last talk about New Moon...

Hey! I finally finished reading this second book of the twilight series.
There you go, Edward came back and like I told you, his come back was more interesting than the usual. haha...
But before him, Alice was the first to come and visit Bella. She visited her to check if she was really dead, 'cause she saw in her visions that Bella fell from a cliff and died.

Edward had known from Rosalie that Bella jumped from a cliff, so he thought that she was dead. He then called at Bella's house for verification. I think he disguised his voice, for Jacob, who answered the phone thought it was Carlisle. In his call, he asked Jacob where was Charlie, and Jacob said he's at the funeral. It was not clearly stated but that funeral was Harry's, a very nice friend of Charlie. But then, Edward thought that it was Bella's funeral.

After that, Alice had known that Edward called. She then said to Bella that Edward thought she was really dead. For that, he went to Italy and go visit the Volturi family in the Volterra City. He's thinking of something like, suicidal. And he thought he can do it with the help of the Volturi.

Alice and Bella set to go to Italy to stop Edward.

Since Edward failed to convince the Volturi to kill him, he had a plan. And his plan was to reveal the secret of the vampires in front of many people, by exposing himself to the sun. It so happen that there was a celebration in the city. That gave Edward a chance.

Then, Edward was about to go under the sun when Bella stopped him. And then you know, they finally saw each other again face to face. Edward couldn't believe it at first but still managed to.

Meanwhile, the Volturi, of course, were updated of what's just happened. So they caught Edward for somewhat an interrogation for the matter. Bella came with him. They talk about Edward's "attempt" and about the fact that he even has a human companion with him. It's like he had their secret revealed.

Then the Volturi started hurting Edward. He was nearly to die when Bella stopped them and offered herself to get killed at his stake. And then the leader of the Volturi was impressed but not that enough. He was about to harm Bella (it was kinda implied though that he didn't really intend to harm Bella), when Alice stopped him. She said she saw in her vision that Bella would become a vampire soon too. The leader, who was by the way named Aro, checked it out by holding Alice's hands. He verified it so in the end they just settled it all with a (not really stated) condition, that Bella should be a vampire already the next time they'll meet again.

So that's it. I'm just not sure of the exact details though. I just thought of what I remembered from what I've read. Anyway, till our next story telling! LOL


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