Wednesday, March 18, 2009

New Moon - chapter 14

Hey! I'm here to talk again about the book 2 of the twilight series - New Moon
Oh well, now I'm in the part where Bella has known about the secret of her friend, Jacob. Hmmm.. what that's secret huh? Wait, I'm willing to tell it to you. But if you think it's some kind of a spoiler before the movie shows, please just don't read any further if you want, ok? hehe..

Ha! You chose to read further huh?..
Let me continue...
This Jacob Black, is sort of the 'cold ones' enemy...
He's a werewolf! He and his group, what they call a 'pack', protects people from those bloodsuckers who live by hunting people. Of course, the Cullens, have left this kind of living already. So I might as well say that the bloodsuckers they're talking about are some kind of the family of James. Remember him? Of course! Haha... As we all know, he hunted Bella in the first series. But eventually, he died. Edward killed him, right? hehe...

Anyway, that's all.
I just wanna share what I've known while reading within this chapter. I'm now in chapter 14 of this book, by the way. And I'm craving to read more. LOL:D
Perhaps I'll be talking about it again till I finished it, and move on to book 3.

So see you again next time!

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