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Just an import from my Friendster blog...

So this was originally posted in my Friendster blog last Sept. 10, 2009. I kinda just wanted to post it again here 'cause I heard they are shutting down that social site so my blog site in there would probably not work anymore too by that time. Just thought of preserving this particular post 'cause it's kinda special to me. Never mind the others lol. So here's how it goes...


Hey, I just wanna share an experience of mine which was really cool for me.

I had the chance to chat with Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift yesterday which was a Wednesday morning here and apparently a Tuesday evening there.

Well, at first, I couldn’t believe it. I also had concerns if they were for real, if they were just posers or anything like that. But in the end, I was convinced that they’re the real ones. We had very nice conversations, mostly about music, of course.

Miley was very nice in entertaining my questions mostly about Hannah Montana, and also her duet with you know who, oh…let’s just call him Archie. LOL. I even asked Miley if she has his email too. [Btw, she gave me Taylor’s email without me even asking for it yet. haha]

Okay. Going back, when I asked Miley about that, she said she doesn’t have it. She also said that when they talk, it’s always about her show, Hannah Montana, for he would always ask her about that.

Ha! I think he really is like that. When he’s talking to someone, he would always ask or talk about that person’s shows, his/her music, and other stuffs. heh:)

Anyway, Miley also said they wrote about 3 or 4 songs, if I remember right. And when I asked if they recorded anything yet, she said they would probably do it on Thanksgiving or Christmas. That made me remember Archie’s upcoming Christmas album. And so I asked Miley about that, if they won’t have any duet in his album because Archie already started recording solo’s. [I’ve read in his tweets! haha] But then, Miley said she doesn’t know yet and that it depends to the recording company. [Uhh…It would be nice if they’ll have one. I really love the blending of their voices. It’s very nice to hear.]

After that, I mentioned that I wasn’t able to watch Hannah Montana the Movie, for I was really busy that time in school. She then said something like “Too bad. I tell you, it’s really interesting.” And then I just agreed.

So then I just played her duet with Archie, “I wanna know you.” I told her what I’m doing and then she asked me how I like the jokes. “Pretty good”, I just said.

Okay. What else?! Ah. Btw, I forgot. Before anything else, we had a little intro. I asked her how many she’s chatting with. She said 25 and they’re mostly fast-typing.

She asked me how old am I and I answered we’re just the same. “I turned 17 last August 1”, I told her. And also, she asked me if I can photo share ‘coz at first, I only had an avatar as my profile pic on yahoo. She said she just wanna know how her fan looks like, but she immediately told me it’s okay if I won’t do it. But of course I did it! I just uploaded my primary pic in fs, even though it’s black and white. And then she told me some of the nicest comments I’ve ever received. haha. [Do I still need to say the details? Well, I don’t think you would believe it if I told you. So I better just not. LOL]

Okay. That’s it for Miley. As for Taylor, we haven’t really talk that much ‘coz honestly, I was carried away by my topic with Miley. haha

Well, Taylor’s very nice too. She’s very open on how does she write her songs.

She asked me if I do write songs too, and I just said I don’t think I do. [You know, I was thinking I should have just told her, “Nope. I love singing though”, but I forgot to say it, I don’t know why.]

Anyway, I told her she’s really very popular now. She said she knows it and she’s very welcome to her fans. That’s all I remember. After that, both Miley and Taylor said goodbye to me, for they will be eating dinner together with Emily Osment.

That ends my conversation with them.

Oh btw, Taylor’s chatting with 31 people that time including me, and Miley, and wait… also our very own Sarah Geronimo. I just saw her post in twitter saying she’ll have a live chat. So I immediately chat with her too.

In our talk, I told her that I just had a chat with the two, and she said she also had. I said I still can’t believe it. And then I asked her, what are the emails of the two she had a chat with so that I can compare them with mine. Then I realized they’re the same emails I had in my list. Next thing I know, she asked me if I think those two were just posers. I said, not really. And then, after knowing that the emails were the same, I told her, how dumb am I to still ask in Miley’s verified account on twitter if she also owns the account from where I got her email. [I did this after my chat with Miley. Uhh…I know I shouldn’t have asked that, right? But maybe, that’s because it’s my first time to chat with them so it’s kinda unusual thing to me.]

Sarah then told me, that account was also Miley’s. She just didn’t verify it so people won’t know she’s that too. Then I remember somehow, I think I already have read that from Miley’s previous tweets. I’m just not sure.

Hmm…btw again, before all those things, Sarah and I had a little intro too. I asked her what she’s doing and she said she was cooking eggs and hotdogs for breakfast. [This I thought of how’s Miley and friends’ dinner together. LOL]

Sarah said she was cooking and chatting at the same time. I was just kinda worried about it because she might burn what she’s cooking. heh:)

Anyway, I asked her how many she’s chatting with, and she said I’m the only one. Yes, that’s right! But that’s because, that time, it’s still early in the morning here. [I’m more of a morning-shift surfer in the net, you know. But it’s not that I want it, it’s just, it really just has to be like that for some reason. haha]

Okay. After that, the Miley and Taylor topic went on. And after that topic, ends our conversation. She’ll eat her breakfast already. So we just said goodbye to each other.

Oh well. I think I’ve said pretty much everything. You know, I’m really talkative when it comes to this. People just don’t realize it because I could only show it in the net. I’m a talkative writer, but not a speaker. You know what I mean? LOL

Okay. So that’s just another fact from me, and from now on, it’s EXPOSED!

Thanks for reading!

See you again next time.

Have a great day^_^



You can also view here my original post of this on Friendster. I'm just not sure if it would still work when that shut down thingy's done. I'm just trying it out. But anyway, that's it. So long, Friendster. Thanks for being a good start of my online social life. :)

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