Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Random Recap of Meeeee ^_^

Just a quick update of how I've been and what I've been up to lately. So for the whole month of April, I did some reviewing for our qualifying exam for incoming 3rd year accountancy students like me in our school. It's quite a hard work but I still managed to have fun in between - by that I meant have fun online lol. When we finally took the exam last May 9th, it surely was a total nuts! I was sure I wasn't gonna pass it after I finished answering. But then I don't know what miracle was on work that on the results day the next Monday, May 16th, I did it! I passed! I'm still qualified in the accountancy program of our school! So I just really wanna thank God for that. I hope He knows how grateful I am I still got another shot. Ah, He knows for sure, doesn't He? heh:)

The next day I went to school again to pay for our entrance fee. Later, my mom helped me have a haircut at a salon. I'll have it undergo a relax treatment again but that will still be after June 1st because me and some friends are going for a swimming that day. I thought that might ruin it all if I'll have it done before that day so yeah, will just post a pic of it by that time. Then my mom bought me some stuff, which, I'm not sure if that's her treat for me having passed the exam lol. Mom's cool like that. But to be honest, if only I can really ask for a reward, there's only one thing I would ask for--some bucks for me to buy a concert ticket of my most favorite artist ever. He'll have a concert here in the country for the third time on July 18th. How cool is that? haha

Anyway, today I uploaded on youtube a recording of me singing my first-ever original song composition called "Once In My Life." I wrote it for a guy who, let's say was really special to me back then. Just thought I'd share it here too 'cause I really had fun doing it. Enjoy listening. :)

So that's all for now. Till then. :)

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