Monday, May 23, 2011

7teenz Reunion (05-21-11)

This blog's supposed to be written last Saturday, May 21st, but since I can't help procrastinating, just got to write it now and it's already Monday, May 23rd. lol.

So anyway, my high school friends and I had a really cool reunion last Saturday. We are seven in the group but unfortunately, two weren't able to come. Sad but that's the only thing to be sad about; the rest was just pure bliss. I can't really tell every single thing that happened so I’ll just try summarizing it all.

First off were the warm greetings we'd give when someone finally arrives at our meeting place. You know those typical hugs and kisses when you see someone really close to you after quite a while? Yeah, like that.

We talked about lots and lots of stories both from our high school days, and our college life too so far. Two of us just graduated a two-year course this year and we’re really happy for 'em. One of those two even passed their board exams already. How awesome is that? They shared some of their plans and what they are soon to do next, having been the first to finish their schooling among the group. And then you'll just find one after the other talking about some kind of not really a whole lot of sense stuff but everyone would be happy to listen to. Oh, good times! I remember back in the day when we'd spend most of our time together just laughing and laughing about nothing, really. lol

After that, we wanted to watch a movie but figured there was nothing in there yet that we would like to watch that time so we just went to an amusement place where we played some arcade games and had some karaoke singing. Then we ate at McDonald's, our all time favorite food chain since high school. We took pictures of course. But after eating, we even had a group pic session at a real studio. We never had that last time so it's really cool to be able to do it now. Below are those studio photos. We had three poses. haha

(from top left: Marra, Evelyn, Gielen, Cheska, and me)

(from top left: Evelyn, Marra, Gielen, Cheska, and me)

(from left: Gielen, Cheska, Evelyn, me, and Marra)

So there, I guess that's pretty much it. We had some final goodbye hugs and kisses then we started parting ways again which was of course a little sad but we know there would always be next time, right? And I hope when that times comes, we’ll finally be complete again, all of us 7teenz. Yeah, that’s what we call our group by the way. What’ya think? :)

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