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Recap: DALIM3 Epic Experience ^_^

So it's been a week since the DALIM3 week and I just got to do this recap now just because we had our exams right after it. haha. Anyway, this is just my personal recap of the whole epic experience I had. It's really memorable for me even if it's just for the first two days of DALIM3 week that I was able to come to - Day 1, the arrival at the airport then the fans day at SM Megamall; and Day 2, the concert itself. But allow me to also post the rest of what happened in Day 3 and 4 of DALIM3 week just to show you the complete experience had I come too on those last two days before he left on July 21st. :))

Day 1 - July 17th, 2011
First day of DALIM3 week. Lots of things that happened to me this day for the first time. I had to travel alone from our province going to Manila. It's a little creepy because it's quite far from home and I'm not really used to going there by myself. But at the same time, of course it's exciting just to think what's to come later that day. When I got off the bus, I thought for a moment I was lost there. Good thing some fellow fans who are from the same province as I were there to the rescue. haha. And so, I got there at SM Megamall just in time to join the line for the purchase of TOSOD ATE CD and have it signed by David himself later.

I finally met all these fellow fans whom I first just got to know online. Felt really nice to finally meet them in person. We waited for a while there before we went to the airport - just to have some waiting again. haha. But it's cool because we were practicing how we would welcome David, either sing this or that song of him, shout his name, and many others. It was fun really! We ended up just screaming and if I remember right, you can't really understand a word - just pure, loud screams! lol. The only unfortunate thing that came next was that when he finally arrived, I didn't even see him! All the cars they used passed by so fast. But then I just thought, okay, I'll see him really close later at the mall so no worries. haha

The mall show started and they had some local artists to perform a few songs for us. At first I didn't like the idea just because that meant another waiting. They really sang nice though. One thing I also remember is that the group of fans I was with had this basket full of David's favorite Philippine mangoes, and someone asked me to help do a letter/message we'll put inside. Wow. haha. At first I didn't know how I'd do it and if David would really get to read it but I just thought, at least those words came from me if ever. Feels great! (I wanted to write a personal letter for him too beforehand but I just didn't really have enough time lol.) Then before we knew it, all the people around us suddenly rushed close to the stage and we were just there left at the back. We tried getting close as much as we can get too though. haha

The emcees had some games for us, giving away David stuff as prizes of course. A few more minutes, David finally showed up and I think I just killed my ears with all the screaming in the air. But it's all good! They asked him some questions and talked about what you'd expect they'd talk about. lol. Then he sang an a capella of "Stand By Me." Oh dear, it's the first-ever song I heard him sing live so you could imagine how stoked I was at the moment! Let alone he really nailed it! I managed to take some pics and also record a video of his performance but it's not that of good quality. Anyway, here's the full video I found on youtube. :)

SM Megamall (July 17th, 2011)
Interview and "Stand By Me" A cappella Performance


After that performance, CD signing was next! We waited again for a while and when it's almost my turn, I would've had a picture with his dad Mr. Jeff Archuleta, if only I really wasn't an epic fail. I regret that I got a bit scared they'd say something because it's my turn already for the signing and there I was trying to have a pic with him. But it's okay. Maybe next time. On the bright side though, I finally met David face to face as he was signing my CD! He's truly a lot more mesmerizing in person. Those eyes! Those eyes! How could there be such beautiful eyes as those? haha. All I was able to say to him by the way was "Hello David!" Then there's his brilliant response "Hey!" And then nothing! Nothing! lol. I think I also got to say "You're awesome!" though I'm not sure he heard it because I just said it quietly. I was pretty much speechless really. But for the most part, I shook hands with him after he signed my CD! What a grip I'd say! His hand! His hand! I shook his hand for the first time. Oh gosh! lol. Here's a pic of my signed TOSOD ATE. :)

I chatted a bit with my co-Archies after that while trying to sink in what just happened. Then I finally got my ticket too for the concert tomorrow night. I asked a friend to help me buy it 'cause I'm having a little problem buying it in our place. But anyway, yay! It's really getting more and more real for me! I still can't believe it. A few minutes later, the CD signing was over and David left. What's funny was that a few minutes more again after that, we went to Edsa Shangri-La, the hotel where he'll be staying for this whole DALIM3 week. I didn't really expect we'd see him there though, and yes, we didn't. lol. But what I can't believe again was that David's front act, Julie Anne San Jose actually passed by me and a friend without even knowing it at the time. I just realized it when I saw some pics from the presscon to which they were both on it.

So I think that's pretty much everything that happened on this first day. I got home at about 1am already and yes, I got scolded a bit but it's all worth it. Tomorrow night will be a blast! :))

Day 2 - July 18th, 2011
So much anticipation for tonight's show but I still went to school during the day. I wish I just skipped our last two subjects so I wouldn't have been late for the concert. I didn't even really tell anyone what I was up to. I just casually said to my friends that I'll go home today by myself and won't be joining them - which is not a lie 'cause after school, I really went home first to change clothes and fix my things. I got on the bus at around 7pm already. Then I had to search for the venue when I got off because it's another new place for me. After asking some directions from the people there, I finally found it. Julie Anne's first song already started. But it's okay. At least it wasn't yet David, right? First things first. lol

So yeah, tonight has finally come! David's first major solo concert in Araneta Coliseum! I can't really explain in words what I felt when he finally came out and started singing, as well as the entire show. All I know is that I was screaming the whole time and singing along with every song, while at the same time trying to take some pics too (pics only, no vids lol). It was beyond amazing! Just see it for yourself on the vids below. Credit to etiamexspecto for all the awesome vids from the concert! Here's the full setlist:

1. Stomping the Roses
2. The Other Side of Down
3. A Little Too Not Over You
4. Love Don't Hate
5. Everybody Wants to Rule the World
6. Something 'Bout Love
7. Touch My Hand
8. My Kind of Perfect
9. Gotta Get Thru This
10. My Hands
11. A Thousand Miles
12. Falling Stars
13. Stand By Me
14. Everything and More
15. Elevator
16. Zero Gravity

17. Heaven
18. Crush

"Stomping the Roses"

"The Other Side of Down"

"A Little Too Not Over You"

"Love Don't Hate"

"Everybody Wants to Rule the World"

"Something 'Bout Love"

" Touch My Hand"

"My Kind of Perfect"

"Gotta Get Thru This"

"My Hands"

"A Thousand Miles"

"Falling Stars"

"Stand By Me"

"Everything and More"


"Zero Gravity"



There you go. This night's just so magical for me. I'm really grateful I got to experience it all while I'm still 18. I honestly thought that maybe by the time I'd finally see him, I'm already in my 20's... like 25 or something. lol. Anyway, I'm turning 19 a week from now so maybe you can call it an advanced birthday gift from above. God is so good really. He'll give it to you when you least expected it. :)

After the concert, some fellow Pinoy Archies and I went to KFC and ate. Had really fun conversations too in there that we didn't realize it's getting really late already. And when it's time to go, that's when I felt a bit sad thinking it's all over now for me. Tomorrow and the next day I won't be able to come anymore. But nah, I sure had a blast tonight and yesterday at the mall show! That's already a big thing for me. And then I just thought I'll see him again anyway next year for DALIM4! haha. Wishful thinking it is but you'll see, he'll come back again next year! :D

I got home at about 4am the next day because the bus we rode still waited for other passengers too, we were the first ones there. lol. Then you know what's next, of course I got scolded again. Big time. But I totally understand. It's my first time to go home late like that. So late. But what I was really worried about is that later that day we'll have two quizzes and they're so not easy. I barely took any sleep just to review. I guess that's the prize of all this but I'm willing to pay for it. It's not like it happens everyday, right? :D

So that's it. Below are some vids of what happened on Day 3 and 4 which as I said, I wasn't able to come to. I'm just living with the vids now but I'm totally okay with it. haha

Day 3 - July 19th, 2011

Powerbooks Greenbelt 
Interview and Booksigning

SM Southmall
Interview and "My Kind of Perfect" and "Something 'Bout Love" A cappella Performance


Day 4 - July 20th, 2011

SM San Lazaro

"Everything and More" A cappella Performance


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