Thursday, July 5, 2018

Anne x Krisha Covers

Hi everyone! Posting again here after such a loooong time! First post in 2018. So as the title suggests, this post is about song covers I did with my good friend, Krisha, on June 12th, 2018. It's freedom day here in PH after all. Haha! Having said that, we didn't get to include any OPM song in this session. We had Korean songs though lol. Here's the list of songs and the videos as well. Hopefully you can enjoy watching. ✌😂

1. Perfect by Ed Sheeran

2. Words of My Heart by Kim Yeonji (I'm Not a Robot OST)

3. Eyes, Nose, Lips by Taeyang

4. It's You by Henry (While You Were Sleeping OST)

There you go! If you liked what you heard or watched, feel free to visit my Youtube channel here and subscribe! Thank you! x ;)

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