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Meteor Garden 2018 OST

Da jia hao! I'm back with another Meteor Garden 2018 post! Today I will be talking about the original soundtrack (OST) of the series. Nothing much. Just wanted to share with you guys how well did I like the songs and if you haven't already heard them, maybe you might want to listen after this. Yes, this is me sort of promoting the album in my own little way. :D

[Album cover art]

Before we start, I have a little tip for you. Starting somewhere in the middle of this blog post, I shared some of the songs in here that I found online. Hopefully that's fine with you because I myself actually thought twice and even thrice before doing it lol. Somehow I just felt a bit guilty, if you know what I mean. But nevermind that. If you want, you can start playing each of them now as you read through all of my nonsense. Kidding. Haha. But yes, since I tend to ramble a lot, you might want to listen to some of the songs already while reading. Happy listening and reading! :))

Okay, so I've read somewhere that the album was supposed to be released today, July 24th, but instead came out a day earlier yesterday, July 23rd. I'm not exactly sure but I think it came out some time after midnight, around 2-3am. I know because someone I follow on Youtube was real quick to post some of the songs there and for whatever reason, I was still awake then. Or maybe I just suddenly woke up from my sleep because my heart knew? I don't know lol. And although there's both the excitement of getting to hear it right away and the uneasy feeling of having to rely on Youtube instead of getting the album myself, I started listening.

The album consists of 22 tracks including instrumentals. I already know that the opening song was sung by our new F4 boys. But since I wasn't really that all-familiar with their voices yet, especially since the series is dubbed and not their own voices, what a pleasant surprise to know that most of the songs were actually sung by F4 too!!! I cannot!!! Why do I suddenly feel like a proud mom when I just knew about them not too long ago?! These kids are really something! But kidding aside, our old F4 should be very proud too. :))

Most of the songs are too emotional for their own good. The feels. Imma cry. T_T If you've seen the series so far, we've already had a glimpse of these songs as we watch. So from that, it made me want to hear certain songs in full right away. 

Another pleasant surprise for me is that most of my favorites are the ones sung by F4, including their solo songs! Actually, I like all of their solo songs!!! Like ALL. And I'm not even kidding! All of their songs are just awesome I can't even. Each song has its own take for me. From one cool song to an emotional one and then back to a feel-good song. It's just so pleasant to the ears really. And if you're deep of a person like me, include the heart there. Good music is always good for the heart and mind and soul! :))

So first off, I particularly really really liked Didi's (Dylan Wang) solo song called "Don't  Even Have to Think About It" when I first heard it on the show. It was when Shancai got into trouble with some bad guys and Dao Ming Si came to the rescue. I just find it super cool when he saved her and then they played his song right there! The song is so cool in itself already but I especially really liked the guitar play in the intro and throughout the whole song! Way cool! I know I keep saying cool but really, it's pretty cool! But also, from that certain scene alone, it sounded a bit emotional too for me even if I didn't really know what it was all about back then, not that I know about it now. I have yet to see any of the songs' lyrics and English translation. It's all based on the way it's sung and how it makes me feel or how it gives me the feels, if that makes sense. :D

And so when I finally heard the song in full, I can't believe Didi's the one singing it! But I should've known it was him because of his unique voice. Unique in a way that it's both cool and cute at the same time? I can't explain. Haha. But because I heard he prefers rap music, I didn't think it was him at first. Now I really like his singing voice too, especially on this type of song. Again, it's just so cool to listen to. I hope we can hear more of it in the future aside from his rapping. Speaking of rap, he has another track in the album called "Extremely Important" which has this hiphop~ish, rap music vibe. I'm not really all too familiar with music genre's but I think this is what he really likes. Do what you want, baby Didi. Haha. But this jiejie (old sis) right here wouldn't mind listening to your singing voice too any time of the day. ;) 

Okay, sorry for the long intro on Didi's songs. I think I'm getting sick here because I just keep on talking about him in general. What syndrome is this?! Haha! I'm starting to feel like this is becoming yet another O.D.D. for me (Archies relate). Omg. Help! :D

So below is one of his songs which is my most favorite OST so far. This may be a bit biased because I like our didi (as in little brother) the most. Haha. But as if I haven't said enough, I do like the song itself too even before I knew who's sung it! And I don't even have to think about it, as the title says! :P

Update: On August 5th, they released the official MV for DiDi's solo song. You may watch it below or go over the official upload on Youtube. Let's stream it there too everyone! :))

"Don't Even Have to Think About It"
by Dylan Wang
(Official MV)

If you want to listen to his other song as well, here it is below. Although this is not exactly my type of music, it's actually pretty neat too, yo! I wanted to say cool again but I've been saying it way too much. I'm not really good with words so yeah. Haha. Oh, right! I think I just found the right word! This song has that swag in it and I'm totally digging it! Swaggy Rapper Didi! ;)

"Extremely Important"
by Dylan Wang

The next song I really liked is Darren Chen's solo song called "The Tenderness Behind the Flower." This is one emotional song. As I listened, memories of Hua Ze Lei and Teng Tang Jing came back to me. How I wish they could actually end up together too even if it's not in the manga or in the previous versions of the series. For once, I would like for our Lei/Rui to be happy. I'm not exactly one to have second lead syndrome, although during MG 2001 I think I fell for the old Lei too at first. I don't know if it's just because the story was still new then and I thought he's the main lead. Because I always fall for the main lead for some reason lol. So yeah, I was all for Ah'Si in the end. But I do feel for second leads too. Like I just want them to be happy as well because they deserve it. We know how they've always been good to the main (girl) lead and yet there's the sad truth that they can never be together so yeah. :D

Oh, by the way, a music video was released too yesterday for Darren's song. You can watch it below. I like how he actually plays the piano here. I wonder if he can really play the violin as well, like his character in the series. That would be awesome. :)

"The Tenderness Behind the Flower"
by Darren Chen / Kuan Hong
(Official MV)

So next, there's Caesar Wu and Connor Leong's songs. I actually can't decide which one do I like more from their solo songs because one is emotional (Caesar's) and the other is a fun, feel-good song (Connor's) for me. But I do like both songs and both of them have beautiful voices as well! It's just that I first liked Didi and Darren's songs early on, perhaps due to the particular scenes in the series where I first heard them from or what comes to my mind every time I listen to them. Below are Caesar and Connor's songs. :))

"Going Crazy Thinking About You"
by Caesar Wu

"Stars Counting Shooting Stars"
by Connor Leong / Jingkang Liang

So there you go for F4's solo songs. They also have two other songs they did as a group aside from the opening song "For You" which I really liked too. Their other two songs are "Making Memories" and "Never Would've Thought Of." Both are really really nice as well. I don't know how else to describe it but I just feel happy and relaxed but a bit emotional too all at the same time while listening to them. :)

"For You" by F4
(Official MV)

"Making Memories" by F4

"Never Would've Thought Of" by F4
(Lyric video)

All right! That's it for F4's songs. I hope it's okay having posted them here because the world needs to hear them too! These guys aren't a letdown everyone! They certainly did not and do not disappoint. So to anyone (is there any? haha) who is still not satisfied, give them a break. :P

Going back to the OST album, it also has tracks from other artists such as "Waiting for Someone" by Shennio Lin, and also the girl version of Caesar's solo song "Going Crazy Thinking About You" sung by Clover Kao (Gao Juan Ya). 

There's also the song "Love, Existence" by Wei  Qi Qi which perfectly fits as the ending theme for me. It's another one of my favorites because it just gives me the feels like in every other ending song of certain Chinese/Taiwanese dramas I've also watched before.

Update: On August 10th, they released the official MV for the ending song. Video below. ;)

"Love, Existence" by Wei Qi Qi
(Official MV)
The album also includes old songs such as Harlem Yu's "Qing Fei De Yi" which was the opening song in the original series. Then there's also Penny Tai's "Ni Yao De Ai," both her old and new versions; plus another artist, Fu Yan, has a new version of it too! Just brings back memories. Below is Penny Tai's new version. :)

"Ni Yao De Ai" (The Love You Want)
by Penny Tai
(Official MV - 2018 version)

Lastly, the album also has three old songs in English which we probably all know:
1. "River" by Bishop Briggs
2. "Say Something" by A Great Big World [This song I particularly remember playing during some sad scenes of Hua Ze Lei and Teng Tang Jing.]
3. "Anyone of Us (Stupid Mistake)" by Gareth Gates

So that's it! We're almost done here. But there's just one last thing that bothers me. In the tracklisting I saw online, the album also includes the original F4's version of Meteor Rain. That is cool and all because I've always loved that song too. What bothers me is that I know I heard a new version of it somewhere by the new F4 but apparently, it doesn't seem to be included in the official soundtrack. Why oh why? Is there something I'm missing here? I've been saying it everywhere online that I don't know if I just imagined it was a new version. But I swear I know exactly how the original version sounds and it's different! I believe I have some sort of sensitive ears so I heard what I heard! Haha! Sooo... Can anyone enlighten me what's happening? Why is the new version of Meteor Rain not included in the tracklist?? I'm soooo lost here really, because it instantly became one of my favorites too when I first heard it. If you know anything, you might want to share it with me. Xiexie! :))

There you are. I hope you liked the songs as much as I did. I don't understand Chinese myself but you can download the digital album online. Here's the official download link. 

Let's hope it becomes available on iTunes and Spotify soon too for more convenience.

Update: July 27, 2018

As of today, the album is now available on Spotify and Apple Music and iTunes! Yayyy! :))

Okay, so that's all for now. Thank you for reading and listening/watching as well! Spread the love! Ciao! x ;)

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