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Recap: DALIM 4 (David Archuleta Live in Manila)

Hello beautiful people! So today is the last day of July and tomorrow is August already. Wow, how time flies! I remember how I just started posting in here again this early July after such a long time and now a month has passed already. But before the month actually ends, here is my last post which is quite special because tomorrow is my special day plus it's Crushiversary for me and my fellow Archie go-getters. Who these people are and what this day is all about, I'll explain later. ;)

I would like to share with you the last event I've attended so far. To be honest, I've already drafted this post some time in mid-July but decided to just post it now since it's kinda timely for tomorrow's special day. I think this would be my last event recap for now. It's another concert but not Kpop this time. It's one of my favorite Hollywood singer/songwriters, David Archuleta. I've been a fan since 2008 so that's for a decade now this 2018!

We call the show as DALIM 4 which stands for David Archuleta Live in Manila 4. Needless to say, this is David's fourth time having a concert here in the Philippines. It was held last October 20th 2017 at the Kia Theatre. Photos below taken by me.

David's first visit here (DALIM 1) was for a back-to-back concert with David Cook at the MOA Concert Grounds back in 2009. The next one (DALIM 2) was a mini-showcase at SM North Edsa Skydome back in 2010. The third time (DALIM 3), which I got to attend to for the first time and also his first major solo concert here, was at the then-called Araneta Coliseum back in 2011. The venue's name was later changed to Smart Araneta Coliseum in partnership with Smart Communications, I think. I remember I used to joke on how they added "Smart" on it because David finally set foot on it. He's smart like that and yeah we're crazy like that lol.

So anyway, again with my little introduction. David Archuleta. Do you guys know him or still do? A lot of people probably don't know anymore but he came from American Idol Season 7 and finished as runner-up to David Cook back in 2008. He had a lot of studio albums since then and went on tours in the US and across Asia. But back in 2012-2014, he went on a hiatus as part of his two-year mission for his church (LDS).

However, since he loves his Pinoy fans too much, or his fans in general, he did some last few projects here before he left! He came back to the Philippines in 2012 before he officially left for his mission in Chile. He did an OPM album where he recorded some of the well-loved OPM songs of all time such as "Forevermore" by Side A which was also the album title. He even did music videos for three songs off the album! Sweet! ^_^

[Official album cover art]

Another project was to do a mini-series under TV5. Yes, that's right! It's TV5 from the Philippines! He starred in the mini-series "Nandito Ako" alongside Jasmine Curtis and Eula Caballero. It was beyond awesome for us to be able to witness his acting skills, let alone do a Pinoy series!!!

[Official Nandito Ako poster]

I was able to see him again in 2012 for his OPM album signing and Grand Fans Day at SM Megamall, his guesting on Talentadong Pinoy, as well as some event at the Tanghalang Pasigueño. He performed some of the songs from his OPM album live for the first time including the mini-series' theme song, "Nandito Ako," which is in Tagalog! Like wow! Just wow!!!

Okay that's as far as I remember. So before this turns into another topic, let me go back to the main topic lol. But I can't help it you know. My last post in here before I got back was in 2011 when DALIM 3 happened. Lotsa things happened since then sooo... :P

All right, going back, this is the first time I'm seeing him again since he got back from his mission in 2014. And I think it's really special because on the same day of his concert, October 20th 2017, his latest studio album "Postcards in the Sky" was also released! Too bad the actual CD is only available in the US. So apparently, I don't have a copy of the album yet. The only option would be iTunes or Amazon but since I don't do either, I'm screwed. T_T Anyone wanna gift it to me instead? Haha! I'm kidding but jokes are half-meant so yeah. Will definitely be happy if I can get my copy. Although I do get to listen to it on Spotify at times, it's still different when you have your own copy of the album, right? You should go listen to it by the way if you have time! The songs are really really nice! Very uplifting and inspirational! But that's David for ya! :)

[Official album cover art]

Back to the concert, he performed a total of 19 songs ~ old and new, covers and mashups, OPM songs in English and Tagalog! It's a little bit of everything! He even danced a bit in some of the songs! I cannot! Haha! He also did a duet with his front act, Tippy dos Santos, for the OPM hit "You Are My Song" which is also included in his OPM album. It was beyond bliss to be able to watch the show and just fangirl our hearts out again after such a long time! :)))))) We've missed him so much really! T_T

Here are some more photos I took from the show. They're not of the best quality but anyways... :D

[David also played piano on some songs but unfortunately I don't have a decent photo of him sitting down with the piano. T_T]

[Bad lighting. But what'ya doing, David?! Haha! Ladies & gents, this is where he was dancing! One hardworking guy right there! Lol]

[During "Forevermore" performance. Just sitting there with his awesome guitarist, Brady Bills.]

[Bad lighting again. But this was during "You Are My Song" duet with Tippy dos Santos. It was beautiful! ^_^]

[Tippy during her solo performance]

I was able to record all of David's performances including the duet but I'm not sure I'll get to upload them anytime soon. I want to but it takes quite a long time trying to upload on Youtube and there are a lot of videos! Also, I was actually in the orchestra center section but sad to say, my videos are still not that good due to the lighting. I mean, the lights were actually beautiful but for my eyes only and not meant for beautiful recording on my phone. Pfft. Haha. But thankfully, my fellow Archie, Carla unnie, who was with me during the concert (and wearing a matchy-matchy DALIM 4 black shirt with me haha, see photo below), already uploaded hers and heck, they're of much, much better quality than mine so might as well just watch those in the meantime. ;)

Below is the complete setlist and here's the Youtube playlist link.

1. Up All Night
2. Something 'Bout Love
3. Numb
4. Invincible
5. I'm Ready
6. He Lives in You (Lion King / Disney cover)
7. Parachutes and Airplanes / Thunder (Imagine Dragons cover) mashup
8. Spotlight Down
9. My Kind of Perfect
10. You Are My Song  (duet with Tippy dos Santos)
11. Forevermore
12. Rainbow
13. Elevator
14. Don't You Worry Child (Swedish House Mafia cover)
15. Touch My Hand
16. A Little Too Not Over You
17. Nandito Ako
18. Glorious
19. Crush

Here are some photos of me and fellow Archies (David Archuleta fans). We're all from the province of Pampanga! Kapampangan ku! Pagmaragul ku! ^o^

[After the show. Selca time.]

[With Rachel & Vanessa]

[With Carla & Cham unnie's & JM oppa? :D]

[All girls! Vanessa, Rachel, Cham, Anne (me), Carla]

[Outside the venue. Only selca with this oppa! :D]

[My ticket & TPA ID + lanyard! Woot!]

So I guess that's pretty much it. Oh, by the way, allow me to post in here just one actual video from the show. It's David's final performance at the concert but this was his debut single back in 2008 so it would always be his first baby and my birthday song as well since it was released on my birthday on August 1st! Yes, days like that are always remembered! Haha! :))

As I mentioned earlier, tomorrow is a special day not only because it's my birthday but it's also what we fans like to call  "Crushiversary" since David's debut single "Crush" first got released in the US on the same day! So yeah, you guys can actually sing this to me as a birthday song if you want! I wouldn't mind lol. Anyone? ;)

"Crush" by David Archuleta
Live @ Kia Theatre

Okay, I think this has been more of a recap of everything that happened since 2012 until his comeback concert here in 2017. Haha! Thank you if you got up to this point! You rock! Sending some Archu-love! :*

Until then. Have a great month of August ahead! Take care! Ciao!

~Anne x ;)

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