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Wanna One: Wanna Be Loved 1st Fan Meeting in Manila 2017 (Recap)

Annyeong! So I'm back with another Kpop stuff. Just want to share with you guys my 2nd major Kpop event. It's just another recap of an event from last year. It's Wanna One's Wanna Be Loved 1st Fan Meeting in Manila held last October 13th 2017 at the Smart Araneta Coliseum.

[Official event poster from IME]

Just a little introduction, the group's name is Wanna One and fans like myself are called Wannables. Wanna One was formed through the season 2 of the survival show Produce 101. Most of us have been following them since those days. From the original 101 trainees at the beginning of the show, the final 11 members who will form the group was announced in the finale episode last June 16th 2017. The only sad part is that from the start we knew they won't be a permanent group and their contract will only last for around one year and a half. They officially debuted on August 7th 2017 and will disband in December 2018.

As much as possible, we try not to think too much about the disbandment and just enjoy our remaining days with them. Speaking of which, they will come again here in the Philippines in September 2018 as part of their One: The World tour! This will be their first actual concert here since their previous visit was for a fan meeting. Again, sad to say but this might be the last time. So even if it takes a whole lot, I'm going all out for this as I mentioned in my previous Kpop post. I'm a certified Wannable and I just love my boys all too much. Following their journey, I can't help but feel like a proud mom and all. So really, I would like to support them until the very end. ;)

Okay going back, seeing my boys live for the first time was totally nuts! I can't believe they're actually right in front of my face, although I wasn't exactly in the VIP section last FM (fan meeting). One reason why I'm going for it this time. Plus this will be the last so hopefully I can get the ticket I want. *crossed fingers*

[Before the show. Waiting!]


[Wanna One Time]

[Look how far I was! Haha]

Wanna One performed songs from their debut album plus another song from Produce 101. In between, they had some fun activities such as the Wanna One School: PE Class where they actually wore school uniforms! There were also some games and raffle. Message VCRs from Wanna One and Wannables to each other were also shown.

[During Wanna Be (My Baby) performance. As far as I know, this is their song for the fans where they're just having fun and goofing around! Haha]

[Wanna One School: PE Class]

[Final message to Wannables before their last performance. T_T]

[Final performance of Always. So this one is another song for the fans but an emotional one at that. Imma cry when they sing this for the last time before they disband. T_T]

At the end before their final performance, Wanna One was given a customized special cake from Wannables. The food lovers that they are, they ate some of it right away! Haha! Then they also gave their final message to the fans and did a group selca with us. Let's pretend I was included in the selca. But I don't think so. It was too low it probably includes the VIPs only. Psh! Haha! Photo below from IME.

So here's the setlist of their performances as well as the videos I took. I was also able to record videos from the activities they did but I might not get to upload them anymore on my Youtube channel because our internet connection is quite unstable and it's kinda taking too long to upload just one video. I'm sure there are a lot of other videos posted by others already anyway. I only got to upload my videos just recently this July. I just thought it's quite timely since the ticket selling for the concert in September is coming up this July as well. ;)

Performance Setlist:
1. Never
2. Energetic
3. Wanna Be (My Baby)
4. Pick Me
5. Hands on Me
6. Burn It Up (Encore)
7. Always (Encore)








If you want to watch on Youtube, might as well go to this playlist link. 

There you have it! During their last performance for Always, we raised our banners provided by Wanna One Philippines. It has a message to Wanna One both written in Hangul (Korean) and in English. The boys actually got a copy too! Imma cry. T_T

Here's the message banner as well as their first official lightstick. First because there's a new one called Nable Bong and it's not that cheap! I just recently bought the new one too but I haven't gotten it yet. Will just update when I get it. But from what I saw online, it's really beautiful so I can't wait! Oh, I also bought a headband at the venue during the FM as well as some other merch. There's a lot of freebies too from the other fans and fansites! Komawo! Thank youuu! ;)

Here's some photos of me and fellow Wannables.

[With my officemate, Mary Ann. She really prepped for this, didn't she? The outfit, boots, and all! She was in the VIP section so I was alone in my seat! Fortunately, I befriended the one beside me and we fangirl-ed our hearts out together! Haha!]

[So this is the fellow fan I befriended at the venue. But I'm really sorry I can't remember her name now since it's been almost a year and we haven't been in contact either. :D]

Selca time... 

[After the show! DIY feels! Haha]

[Taken by my new chingu (friend). Yay!]

[Outside the venue. My Archie x Wannable hearteuuu!!! So to give you a hint, my next event is that one on the left! I've been a fan since 2008 but let's save that for next time!]

[My ONGly star! Ne ne, I'm an Ong trash like that! Haha! Ong Seongwu is my main bias but I'm also an OngNiel shipper. OngNiel is Science forever and ever! :D]

Okay so before I end this, here's Wanna One inviting our lovely PH Wannables to come to their show on September 1st 2018 at the MOA Arena!!! OngNielHwi and WinkCloud speaking in English and Tagalog is everything yeoreobun!!! ;)

[Video from PULP]

Tickets go on sale starting July 15th 2018! Save the date! #W1OneTheWorldMNL

Alrighty! I guess that's it for now. Any thoughts, comments or suggestions? Haha! I can't wait for the concert in September and share with you guys just another Kpop experience for me! Until then. Hwaiting! Sending some Korean hearteuuu! ღღღ

P.S. Unless otherwise stated, all photos and videos are taken by me. :)

Much love,
Anne x ;)

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