Friday, July 6, 2018

One K: My First Kpop Concert Experience (Recap)

Annyeong yeoreobun! Hello everyone!

So this might be a recap but since I'm just starting to post in here again, one thing I would like to share with you guys is my first-ever Kpop concert experience from last year. The show is called One K Global Peace Concert, held at the MOA Arena last March 2, 2017. It featured seven acts: SHINee, CNBlue, BTOB, B1A4, B.A.P, AOA, and PSY.

As a Shawol myself (SHINee fan), this was a very meaningful experience for me. For the first time, all five members were present in their visit here in the Philippines and I was there when it all happened! In their previous visits, they're always missing one member. So I was just really glad that they were complete for my first time seeing them. Little did I know that it would also be the last. Because in December of last year, the Kpop world was shook with the devastating news of Jonghyun's passing. But I don't really want to dwell on that now. I'm just happy that the remaining members are still together and renewed their contract. They recently released their three-part comeback album, "The Story of Light," and are currently promoting on music shows last time I checked. It's really nice seeing them perform again, although at times you'll just feel that something is not the same. T_T

Also, I don't know if I should call this good or bad news for me right now but the official PH fansite, SWPH, just recently teased us of a possible concert here soooooon! SWC finally happening in PH?? Omooooooo! Like, my #iponing is not yet ready. Ottoke?? I have another concert coming up this September and I will be going all out for it because it will be the last time for the group. They will disband in December this year. Sad that we can't do anything about it because they came from a reality show and won't be a permanent group. But will just talk about that another time. I think I've been going away too much from the main topic here. Mianhae. Haha!

So yeah, ONE K WAS LIT!!! I had so much fun on the show!! Not only did they perform their own songs but some of the groups' vocalists also did covers of Korean drama OSTs as well as the OPM song "Anak" by Freddie Aguilar! Daebak! Wow! Just wow! All the other groups and PSY were awesome as well!! We all wanted more but sadly all good things must come to an end.

Anyway, here's some of our pictures from the concert. I was with my chingu here, Carla unnie, who's a fellow Shawol. :)

All right, so to finish this off, here's one of my favorite performances from SHINee that I got to record. The song is called "An Encore."

Also, here's the encore performance of all artists at the end of the show. If you'll notice, the video was cut a bit. Since it's been a year, I don't quite remember if it's because my battery died or if my memory card got full. Haha. But  I really liked the song so I just resumed on recording. Up to now I'm still not sure of the song's title though. Is it One Korea? Anyone? :D

You may also visit this playlist on my Youtube channel for all other performances I was able to record from the show. It wasn't from the best seat but I hope you'll still like it. Until next time. Ciao! x ;)

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