Friday, July 27, 2018

Anne Sessions: Meteor Garden 2018 OST Cover

Hellooo! I'm back with my self-proclaimed #annesessions for you guys. Haha! Today I will be sharing here a short cover I did last night for one of my favorite OSTs from Meteor Garden 2018. The song is called "Love, Existence" if you translate the Chinese "爱, 存在" but for some reason the English title may vary. It's the ending song in the series and sung by Wei Qi Qi (魏奇奇).

I've already mentioned it before but this song just gives me so much feels. It's beautiful and sad at the same time. T_T So yeah, just thought I'd do a cover of it. This is actually a rushed cover because it's only last night when I saw the lyrics and kinda worked on how to pronounce the words. And this is my first attempt on a Chinese song so my apologies if I mispronounced anything. I tried. :D

To be honest, out of all the Asian countries I like to watch dramas from (Korea, Japan, Taiwan and China), the hardest language to learn for me is Mandarin Chinese. I just can't seem to grasp how to pronounce some of the Chinese consonants and vowels. Or maybe I kinda was able to some time ago but then I just forgot.

I haven't really seen much Taiwanese or Chinese dramas in so long. So when I first saw this new MG remake, it was a bit nuts hearing the language again because they kinda speak too fast for me, not that I'd understand anything even if they speak a bit slower lol. Somehow I still remember some of the usual words but of course I still have to wait for the English subs before I can actually watch the full episodes. The only problem is that even in subs, sometimes these subtitles are just too fast as well. But then I also watched some other Chinese movies just recently after that while waiting for the MG subs. And so my eyes and ears were sort of able to adapt again through that, I guess? Haha

Okay what a long intro yet again! My bad. Below is my cover of the song on Youtube. ;)

"Love, Existence" by Wei Qi Qi
Meteor Garden 2018 OST
(Cover by Anne Usi)

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P.S. I originally posted the audio of this first on SoundCloud. So I'd appreciate it if you can also listen to it there and maybe show some love as well. Haha. Xiexie! :))

Have a great day!

~Anne x ;)

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