Sunday, August 1, 2010

My 18th Birthday!

WOOT! I'm officially 18 now! And my special day's about to end as I write. I 'm not quite sure if I should say something about what had gone through this day 'cause there's really nothing much that happened. First is that we didn't really have a formal celebration like all the others out there; and such debut rituals like 18 flowers, 18 candles or whatsoever. But hey, I don't mean anything bad about them. It's just, I don't think I fit to those anyway. LOL

Okay, so mine was just a small family gathering at home, something like "the food was cooked then we've eaten." That's it! haha. But I swear this year's really been great for me. In fact, I've received special stuffs earlier before this day so it's like they're advanced gifts already. Hey, I just said that if we're talking of material things here. But still, nothing like simply having your family, friends, and God in your life could ever make you happier, right?

And oh, by the way, this year I've received a lot of greetings for my birthday which was really cool! It's the number one in my record so far! haha. So for that I just wanna express how much I appreciate everyone. Thank you guys so much! You all made me happy! Until next year huh? :))

All right! So before I go, I wanna thank God for everything! He's always been very kind to me. And I'm telling you guys, prayers really work! Just believe and don't lose hope, okay?

God bless! :)

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