Saturday, August 7, 2010

New hairdo!!!

Obviously, today I'll talk about my new hairdo! LOL. I got a hair treatment which is my third time now so far. It's called hair relax. I've finally had it again 'cause my hair's so much of a mess already! I just hope it would last for quite a long time and that it won't be damaged or affected much when we're having our swimming class every Thursday 'cause we're required to wear a swimming cap. Of course you have to make your hair tied or something just to fit it in that small cap! And that of which might ruin a newly straightened hair, if you know what I mean. LOL

Anyway, since this blog page is all about me, I think it's just fine to write about everything else that happens to me like this one. But nothing much in detail for now 'cause that's it already! New hairdo! haha. So here's a pic. Don't mind about the face; just the hair, okay? LOL. Thank you! :))


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