Monday, December 20, 2010

Yo! Finally, I'm here again! :))

Hisashiburi! Long time no post here. Been pretty busy with school. But now we're on a holiday so I guess I can update here quite often for the moment. heh:)

I just wanna talk about this certain show, America's Best Dance Crew. Haven't watched it in forever but when I got to watch again last night, that what they called "The Regionals West" I think, I soooo love this crew's performance. 'Twas really entertaining, as the judges said. So yeah, just thought of sharing it in here. Here's a video of it I found on YouTube.

P.S. I'm just wondering if the ABDC episodes they're showing in here are currently aired in the US too. Anyone who knows if so? 'Cause I'm having a feeling they're not. haha

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